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DQ 2 in 1 Cushion - Birdie Friends

  • $23.70

Feeling sleepy on your way to work/school?
You can be on the train, on the bus or even in a car… All you wanted is to close your eyes, but eventually you would be fast asleep with you head on the shoulders of the stranger sitting next to you...
Our 2 in 1 cushion are designed just for these situations, you can use it as a cushion, and you can use it as a neck cushion!
Use it as a seat cushion in the office, in the car, on your sofa
Use it as a neck cushion on your rides on the train/bus/car & during your power naps at work!
You can use it while you are sitting down as a cushion for your back or as a cushion for restless hands or you can use it as a neck cushion to support your head while you are fast asleep while in a sitting position!
Our cushions are compact and comes in multiple design for you to choose from...
What are you waiting for? Get yours today and enjoy a power nap wherever you go!