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Join the "SG Green Wave"
Singapore has been an active player in the fight against climate change. In efforts to build a more sustainable home for future generations, the Singapore government has put together a 10-year plan – the Singapore Green Plan 2030. From more Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations to chargeable disposable plastic bags, these changes are just some of SG Green Plan 2030 that are coming into play i..
2022 – The Top 2 Corporate Gifting Trends To Follow
Corporate gifting to your customers, sales prospects, and employees has a trickle-down effect. The benefit of the gesture trickles down to every critical stakeholder in the organization and ultimately benefits the organization. This is especially true when you cannot have many face-to-face meetings, both corporate gifts’ importance and impact become sizable. For example, a Forbes report suggest..
Top 15 Practical & Useful Gifts for Travelers
Looking for something special for all the travelers in your life? Travelers can be a fickle group of people to buy gifts for. They are constantly coming and going, they usually don’t carry a lot of stuff with them, and no two travelers are alike so finding the perfect gift for the traveler in your life can be tricky. With more VTLs opening up every day and the holiday season right around the..
How to Stay Motivated in Life & Business?
This article is an excerpt from Atomic Habits In 1955, Disneyland had just opened in Anaheim, California, when a ten-year-old boy walked in and asked for a job. Labor laws were loose back then and the boy managed to land a position selling guidebooks for $0.50 apiece. Within a year, he had transitioned to Disney’s magic shop, where he learned tricks from the older employees. He experimented ..
What is Global Warming? How we can play our part to help..
COVID-19 have been the big issue for the pass 2 years, ther is no question about that. By the end of 2021, the vaccines would have kicked in and we need to talk more on Global Warming. 2021 will certainly be a crunch year for tackling Global Warming. Mr.Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General thinks that it is a "make or break" moment for the issue. What is Global Warming?             ..